The biggest OnePlus Store in the world opens in India

It was a different kind of unboxing experience for Indian fanboys of OnePlus when the company (literally) took covers off its new experience centre in Hyderabad India. While the company has several dedicated stores and experience centres around the world, at 16,000 sq.feet, the brand new OnePlus Nizam Palace stands out because of its sheer size. This also makes it the biggest OnePlus store in the world.

Located in Hyderabad, one of India’s top IT hubs, the OnePlus Nizam Palace owes its name to the city’s rich history. Once ruled by the Nizam of Hyderabad – widely thought to be the richest man in the world – at the time, the city is known for its grand palaces and structures of historical importance.

The OnePlus Nizam Palace has been in the works for a long time now, and the company had to delay its opening because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As India and the rest of the world attempts to limp back to normalcy, the company decided it was time the store opened for the masses.
OnePlus consumers can access a variety of services at the OnePlus Nizam Palace. These range from purchasing a new phone, attending launches and special events and even servicing their phones. While the ground floor has a welcome and product showcase area, the top floor is where consumers can wait in private cubicles as they watch their phones getting repaired.

OnePlus Nizam Palce Third Floor
The OnePlus Nizam Palace/ © OnePlus

For the unveiling of the store, OnePlus India held a launch event that was live-streamed across the country. You can watch the unveiling video below.

OnePlus India has come a  long way from its initial days as just the makers of flagship killers. The company is now known as a maker of premium smartphones – even in India – which is a price-sensitive market. Of late, though, the company has launched several models that fall outside of this space. These include newer models like the OnePlus Nord and the OnePlus Nord N100 and the OnePlus N10 5G.

As for the OnePlus Nizam Palace, many Indians see the launch of this store as a firm commitment to the Indian market. On the flip side, this launch also comes at a time when Indian smartphone users are increasingly becoming vocal against their dependence on Chinese smartphone brands due to the ongoing border tensions with China. 

Some have even switched to non-Chinese brands, and there were reports about Xiaomi reportedly losing its Number 1 place to Samsung. Indian smartphone brand Micromax has also played the patriotism card and made a huge re-entry into the smartphones space in India with the launch of two new phones.

It remains to be seen how successful OnePlus and the rest of the Chinese brands will be given that there will be a resurgence of Indian brands like Lava, Karbonn and Intex in the near future.