Samsung has come up with a slider smartphone with an “all-round” screen – Phone Mantra

Samsung has offered another version of the smartphone with an unusual design. Resource LetsGoDigital in partnership with Italian designer Snoreyn presented high-quality renders of the device.

Samsung slide
Samsung slide

Information about the device is published on the websites of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The presented images give an idea of ​​the features of the gadget.

Samsung proposes to equip the smartphone with an “all-round” screen. The image will be displayed on the front and back, as well as on the side faces. Due to this, various additional operating modes can be implemented.

Another feature of the device is the use of a slider body. By sliding the front section in relation to the rear, the owner will open access to the multi-module camera. It will be possible to use it both as the main one and as the front one. Thus, the traditional selfie block is simply not needed.

Now the device exists only in patent documentation, and therefore it is too early to talk about technical characteristics. Alas, it is not yet clear if Samsung is going to create a commercial smartphone based on the proposed design.