iPhone 13: Insider gives details of the new camera system

After the introduction of the iPhone 12, the rumour mill is now moving forward and announcing more concrete details about the “iPhone 13”. These include information about the alleged camera system.

The source of the information on the alleged changes to the ultra-wide-angle camera of the next iPhone generation is analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. As MacRumors reports in reference to the Apple insider, the company from Cupertino will again offer four models in the same dimensions as the iPhone 12 next year.

The two high-end versions will be equipped with improved ultra-wide-angle cameras. The current state of the iPhone 12 are cameras with an f/2.4 aperture, lenses consisting of five elements and a fixed focus. In the iPhone 13 Pro, these are to be replaced by a lens consisting of six elements, with autofocus and an f/1.8 aperture. The larger aperture allows significantly more light to fall onto the sensor, which is especially helpful when shooting in low light conditions.

In 2022, the revised ultra-wide-angle camera will be used on all new iPhone models. According to Kuo, buyers of Apple’s entry-level smartphones will have to wait a bit longer for the new product.

At the same time, the analyst says that deliveries of iPhone 13 will be higher compared to the new iPhone 12. With the increasing spread of 5G, the demand for new smartphones that support the new network technology will continue to grow.

Kuo also assumes that Apple will announce the next iPhone generation again at the traditional date. The new smartphones from Cupertino could therefore be presented in September 2021. The effects of the Corona crisis on suppliers could therefore be history by then.

Other rumours about the iPhone 13 predict that Apple will give the devices 120 Hertz displays. In addition, the small notch in the display, which contains a FaceTime camera and sensors for Face ID, is allegedly shrinking.