Free for now: these apps can be downloaded for free

It is yet another week for us to share our recommendations of available free apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These apps usually come at a price, but they will be free for a limited time only. This week, we have both apps and games for Android and iOS that you can download without having to fork out a single cent at time of publishing. Have fun browsing through them!

Free apps for Android


Toy of War (0.99): A very cute game that reminds me of Toy Story. In this third-person RPG, you’ll have to compete against other mad toys and rid the world of evil orcs.

Mirror Land (€2.99): This manga-inspired title is also a roleplaying game with cute graphics and has its own battle system. You can level up and equip your characters accordingly if you were to defeat monsters and make any progress.

Cooking Quest (1.09): A classic restaurant game where you have to be patient and bide your time in building your own restaurant empire. Of course, you are required to cook delicious food as well! An entertaining title to pass your time. 

Boymate10 (3.29): A card-style puzzle game where you have to reach a certain score in order to beat your fellow players. In this game, you will have to be pretty good and quick with numbers. 

Minesweeper Pro (1.39): I don’t have to say much about this classic game any more than I should. You have to click on different fields and use the numbers to deduce just how many mines there are in the area. Ideally, you won’t end up with a wrong guess when clicking on said fields.

Productivity apps

Music scores (2.99): With this app, musicians can scan scores on their smartphone and then enjoy playing them in a landscape format.

Volume Slider Like Android P (0.59): It is pretty much self-explanatory: A widget with which you are able to bring up the volume control of your Android smartphone to your home screen.

Buggy Backup Pro (6.49): An app manager with memory function. You can backup apps in the cloud or on external storage. The app also offers a slew of other features that will help you keep your apps well-organized in addition to having it backed up.

Free Apps for iPhone

Games for iOS

Tower of Fortune 3 (1.99): A pixelated retro game where you have to fight your way through hordes of creatures in order to find your way home, taking on a style that is reminiscent of Legend of Zelda.

Last Colossus (0.99): Also a retro game, but this time with a futuristic storyline. You play a commander who controls a huge robot on a different planet.

Dragon Hills (0.99): A colourful shooter in which you have to make use of dragons in order to prevent a zombie apocalypse. Sounds crazy!

These were our top recommendations of free apps for this week. As always, we would be happy if you report any price changes in the comments!

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