Foldable 8GB / 256GB iPhone for $ 1,500. After the release of the smartphone, Apple will stop production of iPad Mini – Phone Mantra

Leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei are already launching second-generation foldable phones. At the same time, Apple continues to test prototypes of the first foldable iPhone, according to many sources.

Foldable iPhone
Foldable iPhone

The Cupertino giant lags far behind the competition in terms of smartphone technology, given that Apple has just released its first 5G-compatible devices. A bit of new information indicates that Apple has made strides in creating a foldable smartphone. Plus, when Apple releases the foldable iPhone, it will discontinue the small iPad Mini.

The reason is that the upcoming foldable iPhone will be somewhere between the iPhone and iPad Mini and will run iPadOS. When unfolded, the device will have a display comparable in size to that of an iPad Mini.

According to preliminary data, a foldable smartphone in a version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal flash memory will be offered for $ 1,500. At the moment, the release of such a smartphone is expected only in the fall of 2022.