Best auto-follow drones 2020: Top 4K and 1080p HD flying cameras to give you beautiful aerial shots

Drones may be the best way to grab an aerial view of the surrounding area, but having an eye in the sky often doesn’t come cheap – unless, of course, you opt for one of the top budget drones that are now soaring onto the market.

The cheaper price point naturally brings with it some compromises, but, generally, the standard of these more affordable flying cameras is good enough for most people. With that small caveat acknowledged, you then need to discover what features are most important – and, obviously, which device offers them.

The recording quality, flight time, and control features, as well as the actual size and weight (particularly important for evading registration restrictions) of the drone, are all essential considerations. And in this guide, we’ll be detailing some of the very best drones at the budget end to help you pick – let’s fly.