Smartphone company officials in Gary project dispute California securities ban – The Times of Northwest Indiana

“It’s wrong,” Mustafa Saeid said. “We’re fighting this order. It’s bogus.”

Mustafa Saeid also reiterated that the company involved in the California issue is separate and distinct from the one seeking to invest in Gary operations.

The California desist and refrain order, which also applies to “Akyumen” and “Akyumen Corp.,” names CEO Aasim Saied and lists the exact same Los Angeles address as its headquarters that Akyumen Industries is registered at in the state of Wyoming, according to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office. Aasim Saied also is listed as CEO and secretary of Akyumen Technologies in its California registration, according to the California Secretary of State’s Office.

Akyumen Industries lists its mailing address and principal office address as 645 W. Ninth Street, Suite 110-139, Los Angeles, California. That’s the address of the Market Loft Condominiums building in downtown Los Angeles.

Akyumen Industries intends to move its headquarters to the Genesis Convention Center, a 7,000-seat arena where the company plans to host concerts, company officials and the city have announced. Mustafa Saeid declined to elaborate on the company’s plans to reportedly open a movie and music studio and create a smart city in Gary, saying the company would reveal the details later.

Aasim Saied, Mustafa Saeid and attorney Yasir Billoo have incorporated at least six different businesses with some variation of the Akyumen name since 2012 in Florida, California and Wyoming, records in those states show. In Florida, they incorporated Akyumen Ventures LLC in 2012, Akyumen Technologies Corp. in 2013, Akyumen Technologies Mobility LLC in 2014 and Akyumen Corp. in 2017, according to the Florida Secretary of State’s Office. Aasim Saied and Scott Lybbert incorporated Akyumen Technologies in California in 2016, with Saied listed as CEO and secretary and Lybbert listed as chief financial officer, records there show.

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