LG would debut its first smartphone with a roll-up screen in… – AlKhaleej Today

After recently announcing the official market launch of the world’s first roll-up TV, LG is now focusing its efforts on bringing that innovative OLED technology to a smartphone.

This year, the South Korean firm presented Explorer Project, its new line of experimental devices created with the aim of “discovering still unexplored usability concepts” and “expanding the mobile industry”. Thus came the LG Wing, a revolutionary smartphone with double rotating screen in the shape of ‘T’.

During the presentation of the phone, LG took the opportunity to reveal a brief preview about the second device that would be part of this project: a phone equipped with a screen capable of expanding and contracting its size, in the same style as its LG Signature OLED R television. .

At the time, the company did not provide further details on its name or official launch date. Now, a new report from South Korean media The Elec assures that LG plans to launch its roll-up phone in March 2021.

Known under the code name of B Project, in honor of the CEO of the company, Kwon Bong-seok, the device will be equipped with a screen that will have the ability to lengthen on one of its sides, thanks to its roll-up technology, to increase its size.