LG to launch world’s first smartphone with expandable display in early 2021 – re:Jerusalem

Allowing users to turn their smartphone into a tablet with a single gesture to enlarge the screen, new information revealed by South Korean website The Elec shows that LG’s expandable smartphone can be announced in March 2021.

When LG introduced the highly exotic LG Wing to the global market, the company took the opportunity to reveal the new Explorer project, a way for the South Korean giant to push the boundaries of tech and advertise smartphones. with different solutions to warm up the market. At the end of the presentation, the company unveiled the first teaser of its first retractable-screen mobile phone, which is internally called Project B.

Project B, Rainbow and Velvet 2 in planning

The name suggests that Project A was the LG wing, but, unlike the first Explorer Project model, the roll-up smartphone won’t adopt a second panel to differentiate itself, but instead allow users to change the state of. the device when pull the screen.

Also according to The Elec, LG also plans to launch a new high-performance smartphone in the first quarter of 2021. Codenamed Rainbow, the smartphone is expected to arrive with specifications similar to the LG V line and traditional bar format, but we don’t know. which nomenclature the model can receive.

The website also reveals that production of the LG Velvet successor, which may be called Velvet 2, will have outsourced manufacturing and will not be produced entirely by LG itself.

Either way, with launch next year, Project Rainbow is expected to hit the Snapdragon 875 processor-equipped market, while Velvet’s successor is expected to remain a high-performance middleman. LG’s roll-up smartphone has no specifications revealed.

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