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Legislators in California, Oregon and Washington have proposed bills to end the change and observe daylight time year-round. Those states require federal approval before they can act.

SFU adjunct professor of psychology Dr. Myriam Juda, who specializes in circadian rhythms and sleep, wrote a letter to the provincial government to ask it not to change to permanent daylight time over public health and safety concerns.

“Scientists in our field are advocates for permanent standard time instead of daylight time,” said Juda.

“We agree that we should get rid of the time change, but that the one our government and other governments want to move to is the wrong one.”

People have a circadian clock in the brain, which co-ordinates when certain hormones are being released and regulates sleep cycles, said Juda.

“Under standard time when it’s noon that is truly mid day … it is when the sun is highest in the sky,” she said.

Daylight time is a new time introduced around 100 years ago and it moves our social schedules an hour earlier.

The issue is our internal clock doesn’t adjust to our new social schedule of going to bed earlier and there is a misalignment, said Juda.

“Unfortunately this one hour misalignment does affect our health,” she said, adding that in some cases it can lead to negative health consequences such as sleep deprivation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression and fatigue.

“Even 20 minutes a day can accumulate and cause fatigue. … And this can increase your risk for car accidents, or accidents at work and it can affect work productivity.”

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