How to get WhatsApp on KaiOS phones in 2020

KaiOS, the operating system used by some feature phones, such as the remake of the Nokia 8110, finally has the official version of WhatsApp. Here’s how to download it to your “less smart” device.

WhatsApp can finally be downloaded from the KaiStore, but only on KaiOS devices with at least 256MB or 512MB of RAM. It also comes pre-installed on select phones from the third quarter of this 2019. The KaiOS version of WhatsApp supports both calls and messages and even includes end-to-end encryption, just like on Android and iOS.

For Matt Idem, COO of WhatsApp, “offering WhatsApp on KaiOS helps bridge the digital divide to connect with friends and family in a simple, secure and reliable way.”

Downloading WhatsApp to KaiOS is very simple and the procedure is similar to that of Android and iOS smartphones.

  1. Make sure you have a compatible phone (see list)
  2. Open the KaiStore
  3. Search and download WhatsApp
  4. Enjoy encrypted instant messaging

How many of you have a feature phone with KaiOS on board?