For a limited time only: These apps are now available for free!

For this week, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store both come with a slew of free apps, keeping a slew of Android and iOS users happy especially during such trying times where every single penny counts – so why not obtain some of these apps for free as opposed to paying for them?

Do take note that these apps and games are only available for free for a short period of time only.

Free apps for Android

Free games

1812: Napoleon Wars(€1.49): This is your typical tower defense (TD) game set in the Napoleonic era, where you will take part in the battle of Borodino while having to use all of your available wit and resources to protect your troops. You can use different weapons and skills; while the graphics are minimalistic, to say the least.

Super Oscar Premium (€1.99): This is an arcade platformer on Android that offers half a dozen cute worlds to explore with 35 levels, and no doubt you will have fond memories of Nintendo’s Super Mario flooding back. You jump on enemies to vanquish them, obtain items and coins from blocks, with the option to pick from four different characters.

Fateful Lore (€2.29): This free app is definitely suitable for those who have a nose for nostalgia. The game is presented in an 8-bit retro look and is based on Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda”. I would even go so far as to say that it is a very authentic replica.

Boss Rush: Mythology Mobile (€1.99): In this action game will pit you against different creatures and gods from Greek, Scandinavian, and Egyptian mythologies. There are 20 bosses available to pick a fight with, of whom you have to defeat while wielding six different weapons and items.

Comeback Golf (€2.59): This app offers everything fans of retro golf games can expect. You play the role of the protagonist, who is an injured golf professional known as JJ, having to lead him back to the top of the rankings from a potentially career-crippling injury. Certainly sounds like an easier task than having Tiger Woods relive his glory years.

WordPuzzle WordSilent (€1.39): In this word puzzle, you will have to rearrange the letters available on screen in order to have it form a matching English word in order to progress. 

Bricks Breaker Pro (€3.99): This is a puzzle game for Android and ideal for killing time, assuming you have plenty of that on your hands. You will have to use your balls intelligently in order to destroy those bricks. A very simple idea to execute that subsequently gets more challenging.

Chicken Tournament (€2.50): It’s all about the chickens! This action game is both funny and crazy. You will have to shoot chickens and have different “weapons” at your disposal. The chickens retaliate by throwing eggs back at you. Not a classic “first-person shooter”, that’s for sure!

Free Apps

Tool For WhatsApp (€1.29): This app delivers additional useful features for WhatsApp on your Android device. You will benefit from a WhatsApp Status Saver, WhatsApp Web, and even a “Walk-and-Chat” function, among numerous others. If you have tried the application, feel free to tell us in the comments on how useful it is and what it delivers.

Manual Camera: DSLR – Camera Professional (€4.09): With this app, you won’t turn your smartphone into an SLR camera, but the camera app sure does offer a slew of advanced settings for hobbyist photographers who want to push their existing smartphone cameras to the limit.

SnipBack – Dictaphone for Android (€2.99): A dictation app that has one advantage over similar apps: It reduces the amount of data required by optimising each voice recording, ensuring that your smartphone’s memory would be stretched as much as possible, while you build up your collection of voice memos. 

Free apps for iOS

Free games

StoryToys Sleeping Beauty (€1.99) This iOS game is meant for children and is based on the fairy tale classic from the Brothers Grimm. The game is delivered in a popup book style and does a pretty good job of keeping children entertained with its extremely cute graphics.

SimplePlanes (€0.99): An entertaining game that is full of fun as you toy around with planes, but before doing so, some assembly is required. Once done, you are able to fly them around and see if your construction works.

Fateful Lore (€3.99): An 8-bit title in “The Legend of Zelda” format that is also available for free for iOS.

Free Apps

Toilet Paper Calculator (€0.99): Before the subsequent coronavirus wave hits your town and causes another shortage of toilet paper, you should download this app to calculate just how much stock you have to wipe your bottom, and for how long it will last you. This calculator makes it possible to do so – and you don’t even have to pay to use it at the moment.

LetSketch (€1.99): A sketching and drawing app for iOS, which furnishes you with different painting tools in order to come up with some cool doodles.

Orderly – Simple To-Do Lists (€0.99): An app that lets you create of To-Do Lists. This app offers cloud-sync and offers location-based reminders as and when required. Perfect for those with a Dory-like memory.

Epica Pro (€1.99): A camera app for iOS that not only takes photos, but also creates collages and shares them on social networks of your choice.

At the time this list was published, all the listed apps for Android and iOS were available as free downloads. These apps can be charged again at any time.

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