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Research data published by, shows that smartphone sales declined globally by 20.4% in Q2 2020. It saw a total of 294.7 million units sold compared to 370.3 million units in Q2 2019.

Samsung, which is among the world’s top 5 smartphone vendors, had the highest number of unit sales, totaling 54.7 million. Despite this, it also recorded the highest decline of 27.1% in Q2 2020.

Huawei captured 42.6% market share in China as domestic sales surged by 11%.

The global smartphone market saw its biggest drop in Q1 2020, decreasing 13% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ). With a total of 272.5 million units sold in that quarter, it was also the lowest sales level since 2013. Samsung sold 60 million units during the period, dropping 17% QoQ.

In Q2 2020, Huawei sold 54.1 million units clinching the second spot globally. Compared to Q2 2019 when it sold 58.0 million units, it recorded a 6.8% drop. Apple, which took third place, had the least decline of 0.4%.

It sold 38.3 million units compared to 28.5 million in Q2 2019. In the US, sales dropped by 25% year-on-year (YoY) but online sales surged from 14% to 31% YoY.

Moreover, during Q2 2020, the top 10 smartphone brands had an 88% market share globally, up from 80% in Q2 2019. For the first time, Huawei’s market share equaled Samsung’s, which was at 20%. Apple was third with 14%.

Notably, even though Huawei’s global sales fell by 3%, in China, there was an 11% increase. It held a 42.6% share of the Chinese market.

According to Omdia, the top-selling smartphone globally in H1 2020 was iPhone 11, with 37.7 million units. Samsung Galaxy A51 came in a distant second with 11.4 million units.

While Apple had 5 models in the top 10, Samsung had only 1. Xiaomi Redmi took the remaining four slots.

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