Tech or treat: 7 Halloween products to add a little fright and safety to the holiday

From classic ghastly holiday decorations to Halloween accessories with COVID-19 in mind, here are seven products to consider as we head toward Oct. 31.

The summer has turned to autumn and Halloween is right around the corner. However, amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people are integrating unique twists on traditional Halloween celebrations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while still participating in the holiday. To assist, we’ve curated around a roundup of Halloween products and decoration ideas including a few additions with COVID-19 in mind. From remote controlled jack-o’-lantern lighting and video doorbell cameras to socially distanced Halloween celebration ideas, here are seven products to keep in mind as the holiday approaches.


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Video-enabled doorbells have become a popular option for homeowners in recent years. During Halloween, video-enabled doorbell cameras allow homeowners to ensure trick or treaters are wearing CDC-recommended masks before opening the door. Additionally, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro allows people to keep an eye on their homes while they are away via the paired Ring app.

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Colorful floodlights are a great exterior Halloween decoration option. This two-pack floodlight kit from Novostella offers 20 colors and six modes including flash and strobe. There’s also a timer function to increase energy efficiency between uses. The included 44-button remote control allows people to conveniently manage the lighting array with the touch of a button. This model is IP66 waterproof rated to withstand the outdoor rigors of the season.

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To celebrate the holiday, many people will carve jack-o’-lanterns in the coming days. Traditionally, people often use small candles to illuminate these ghostly gourds. Unfortunately, the glow will only last as long as the wick or breeze permits. That said, these remote controlled, battery powered lights allow people to set a timer for more precise, automatic operation without the fire hazard and waxy mess.

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Strobe lights are virtually synonymous with the Halloween season. These small light fixtures are a great way to enhance exterior decorations, get-togethers, and more. This model is equipped with 24 LEDs and a speed knob to dial-in the desired strobe rate.

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A Bluetooth speaker is a solid option for those looking to dish out the decibels without the cords. This skull-shaped Bluetooth speaker is on theme for the season allowing those so inclined to play their favorite ghostly tracks or Halloween sound effect soundtracks. The manufacturer estimates this particular model can continuously play music for six hours on a single charge.

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Halloween amid an ongoing pandemic will require proactive measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The CDC has already warned that traditional Halloween masks are not a replacement for a proper face mask. The CDC recommends using a mask that is made of at least two “breathable fabric” layers that covers a person’s nose and mouth. A Halloween- themed mask could be a smart investment for those trick or treating this season.

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For those who choose to forgo traditional trick or treating this year, there are many ways to enjoy the holiday at home. Halloween bingo allows parents to provide a safe and entertaining option for children without missing out on celebrations altogether. This particular Halloween bingo set comes with 24 cards and 441 pumpkin chips.

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