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A razr sleek body. An amazing secondary display that allows you to do almost everything without even having to open the phone. A dual use camera that’s also the world’s most advanced selfie camera. A host of game changing features. Oh, and did we mention 5G capability?

Pack these features into a disruptive next generation clamshell foldable smartphone and you get what Motorola has always been synonymous with – matchless durability, world class design and features that always stay a notch above the competition. The good news is that the Motorola razr 5G is already available on pre-booking and is poised to go on sale sooner than you can say Snapdragon!

If you needed more reasons to go for this beauty with brains without any delay, read on to get the lowdown on this amazingly loaded, best in its class flip phone!

Designed to outclass

Motorola razr 5G: Here’s why Motorola’s next generation foldable smartphone should be your next


At 16 mm when closed, the razr 5G is more compact than the 17.3mm for the Samsung Z Flip phones, giving it a clear edge with its patented Zero gap hinge design and a far sexier and sleeker ultra-premium 3D glass and metal design look while protecting the screen from dust. The 3D formed glass on both the front and back give the razr 5G’s unique teardrop screen shape an absolute classy look unlike plastic fronts of the Z Flip, and also ensure no crisping of the main screen even after long usage, something the rivals can’t crow about!

The display works in harmony with the razr 5G’s unique hinge design, offering the only zero gap closure on a foldable device that protects the internal display and keeps the phone ultra-compact. A P2i Nano Coating protects the razr 5G against accidental spills, splashes and sweat, again a feature that’s unique only to the Motorola name. Again, think of a flip design and the Motorola razr 5G’s superior hinge that allows easy single hand flipping scores effortlessly over the Z Flip’s cumbersome resistance.

Display the edge

Motorola razr 5G: Here’s why Motorola’s next generation foldable smartphone should be your next


What’s a Quick View Display if all it can show you are the time and basic notifications? If you want to stay connected while still living in the moment, the razr 5G’s 2.7inch Quick View display allows you to do almost everything without having to open the phone, including viewing notifications, making calls, taking selfies, replying to messages, playing songs, getting directions and activating the Google Assistant. The Quick View display delivers tools, information and actions in a simple, intuitive way that makes it easier to make decisions and spend less time scrolling aimlessly, saving you time and effort.

In addition, the foldable primary display of the razr 5G display offers an OLED screen with a cinematic 21:9 ratio, that’s optimised for cinematic viewing and is optimised for single hand usage, none of which the Z Flip cannot boast of.

Photo finish!

Motorola razr 5G: Here’s why Motorola’s next generation foldable smartphone should be your next


The Motorola razr 5G comes with a dual use camera (rear camera when open, selfie camera when closed) which also happens to be the world’s most advanced selfie camera. As against the Flip’s dual 12MP camera setup with single LED flash, the razr 5G has a 48MP Dual use Camera, with OIS and a large f/1.7 aperture that’s stands tall in many ways. The razr 5G’s 48MP camera also comes with Quad Pixel technology with 4x low light sensitivity, combined with optical image stabilization to get you clarity and detail in every frame, no matter what the lighting. Laser autofocus technology in the time of flight sensor helps the camera quickly focus on your subject, making taking pictures with the razr 5G an absolute delight! In addition, the Instant Review function on the razr 5G shows a preview of your photo on the Quick View display after capture, and External Preview mirrors the viewfinder on the Quick View display so that your subjects can see the photo before it’s captured!

Get 5G ready!

Motorola was first to launch a 5G capable device and it continues the pioneering tradition with razr 5G, which is a global 5G ready device with support for over 300 5G NDMC bands that support 5G in over 25 markets. The razr 5G also supports carrier aggregation (3X20 CA – 60Mhz) and 4X4 MIMO for blazing fast 5G performance, as against the Z flip which does not support 5G, and the Z Flip 5G which does not claim global band support or carrier aggregation.

The razr 5G’s Quick View Display reduces the main screen usage of the device significantly, helping you to go all day without recharging. In comparison, the Z Flip/Z Flip 5G come with a physically larger battery, but the absence of a usable secondary screen and a more power hungry chipset ensures battery performance is far lower than the dynamic razr 5G’s!

Process this

The razr 5G’s SD 765G chipset with modem built inside the mobile platform, gives up to 30% more space to incorporate more powerful features such as cameras, 5G antennae and storage. The chipset is also more efficient with respect to heat and power management than the power hungry 8 series chipsets on the Z Flip. Which means it gives you the bandwidth for essential for features like External display, Powerful cameras and 5G Antennas, which don’t need you to compromise on quality of a classy lifestyle device.

To Sum it up

In sum, the Motorola razr 5G is set to give you a revolutionary smartphone experience that opens up to a whole new world of experiences and delights with an exceptional, ultra-premium, iconic design. If you are looking for your next smartphone to combine the twin benefits of disruptive technology and jaw dropping design, and intend making heads turn with a flip of your smartphone, the razr 5G is just the one for you!

Go pro with a sweet deal

The razr 5G is here and now! It’s available in India at an effective price of Rs. 1,14,999 including 10,000 Instant Discount (Online) and (Cashback) offline on HDFC Credit Cards and Debit and Credit Card EMI Transactions. In addition, razr 5G users gets No Cost EMI schemes of up to 12 months (EMIs starting 10,417/month only) from all leading banks and a special double data, double validity benefit with Reliance Jio Rs 4,999 recharge, which account for savings of approximately Rs. 14,997!

The razr 5G is available for pre-order from Flipkart and retail stores across India and will go on sale, starting 12 October.