Free for a short time: these apps are now available for free

Free apps for Android and iOS are ten a penny. In this list, you will find apps that usually cost money. As we do every week, we have selected free apps for Android and iOS from the areas of games and productivity. At the time of publishing this article, all apps are available to download for nothing.

Free apps for Android

Free games for Android

Preston Sterling: A game to my tastes. If you know the ‘The Room’ series, you will find your way around Preston Sterling. Originally, the game costs just under a dollar – so you shouldn’t expect too much.

The Lone Hacker: Stereotypically, you wear a hooded sweater in ‘The Lone Hacker’ and become a master of information technology. You dive into a world of cybercrime and experience some adventures in an open-world scenario.

Magnet Balls: A puzzler in the style of ‘match three’. You shoot magnet balls upwards and have to match the right colors.

Flippy Geometry: Also a puzzler. I have seen unicorns, panda bears, and other cute creatures. You have to puzzle pictures together.

Falcon Squad Galaxis Shooter: A space shooter in retro style. There is nothing more to say about this arcade game from Onesoft.

Free productivity apps for Android

NetX Network Tools PRO: Use this application to see what devices are connected to your network. The app also offers a Wake On LAN function.

Home Workout PRO: Home training is really effective when your circulation is really going strong. Not everyone has a motivating sports partner at home. Apps can help you here. In this case, you get the pro version of a full-body workout app for free.

BabyBook: A kind of digital diary for tracking and documenting all matters concerning babies. I don’t know on which servers this data is stored on.

mAh Battery Pro: This app gives you detailed insights into the battery consumption of your Android smartphone. The app is supposed to be able to display the temperature of the device. Give it a try.

Free apps for iOS

Free games for iPhone

Cardinal Land: A very nice Origami style puzzle game where you have to put together many animal figures.

Productivity apps

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro: A photo app with a widget for the brand new iOS 14, you can view and edit the EXIF data of your images.

FotoDa: A very promising app that allows you to edit photos in a very artistic and abstract way.

That was our selection of free apps for Android and iOS today. Leave us comments if apps are no longer available for free.

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