Basic smartphones can save you hundreds –

If you are not looking to spend $1000 on your next smartphone, there are plenty of options that offer the basics for much less.

looking for a new smartphone but don’t want to spend $1000 or more for a high end model. Well, you’re in luck. There are a number of relatively low cost smartphones that offer you the basics. U. S A. Today took a look at some low cost phones that offer plenty of value in Chinese companies. TCL 10 l Model sells for about $250 featuring a 6.5 inch screen and to camera lenses, among other features. The phone has been called AH, solid value for the price by PC Magazine. Another phone in the same price range. The Moto G Power One of those phones main attractions is it’s three day battery. Also selling for $250 is Samsung’s A 21. It features three camera lenses, but a drop back is it small amount of storage, but that could be addressed by using a memory card as a 21 has expandable storage, and if you wanna go even lower in price, you could get rid of your smartphone and go with a lively flip phone for $99. It’s from the company that makes the jitterbug, and it’s aimed at older phone users. For more details on the phones, as well as other low cost phone options, you can check out the full story at usa today dot com.