Vivo shows off a color changing smartphone prototype using electrochromic glass – XDA Developers

Vivo is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of smartphone design, introducing all manner of interesting concepts. A few years ago, it was one of the first companies to showcase an under-display fingerprint sensor, and now it’s showcasing yet another impressive design concept using electrochromic glass.

The company this week shared a video on Weibo showcasing a smartphone prototype with a back cover that changes colors. And we don’t mean a blue smartphone simply looking like a different shade of blue at a certain angle. This device actually changes colors.

The video demonstrates the smartphone going from a deep purple to a sleek silver. It’s made possible by electrochromic glass, an electronically tintable glass typically used for windows and skylights that can be controlled by a user. OnePlus teased a similar concept earlier this year, using electrochromic glass to hide and unhide a rear-facing camera. In the OnePlus Concept, the company was able to shift the glass from transparent to opaque by changing the current and voltage.

While the OnePlus concept demonstrated how electrochromic glass can hide components, Vivo’s prototype is much more focused on the design. Rather than buying a phone that’s just silver, why not get one that can go from silver to purple to blue? Now that Vivo has a working prototype, color changing smartphones could be in our future. Of course, introducing a concept like this raises all types of questions, especially about durability and weight. Still, it’s a fascinating concept, and hopefully, one that will someday come to market.