Apple gives in and relaxes controversial App Store fees

Ever since the latest dispute between Epic Games and Apple, the 30 percent rule for App Store purchases has once again been a hotly debated topic. Apple is now giving in, but only in a limited form.

Apple usually requires a share of 15 to 30 percent from its developers who offer paid apps or services in the App Store. In addition to the ever-lengthening exceptions to this rule, there is now a further point where people can keep this share for themselves.

According to Reuters, Facebook and Apple have reached an agreement on payments for online events. Companies and creators will be able to accept payments outside of the App Store due to the new exception.

Facebook may use Facebook Pay, for example, to sell tickets for these events. The current Corona crisis is cited as the reason for the relief. By eliminating the fees, the companies and creators concerned are to be relieved.

As Reuters further writes, this change does not only affect Facebook, but also other developers, such as Airbnb or ClassPass. However, gaming creators are once again being left out.

In the negotiations between Facebook and Apple, the social media giant had to make this concession in order to at least gain the advantage for other companies. In addition, Apple’s new exception is only valid until the end of 2020 – after that the usual 30 percent will apply again.

Facebook had gotten into a fight with Apple last month after they announced a new feature for such online events. The new offer will allow creators to earn money with paid events. These events could be virtual cooking classes or fitness classes, for example.

“Gaming Creators” must use their own tools to create their events. In the case of an in-app purchase in iOS, 30 percent of the revenues for these will still go to Apple.

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