PS5: how to follow the Sony keynote tonight and (maybe) get the price of the consoles?

After the opening of the hostilities by Microsoft, Sony should reveal the modalities of launching its next PS5 and PS5 All Digital edition during a keynote this Wednesday, September 16.

The official release date and price of Sony’s new next-gen consoles are still pending, while those for the Xbox X and S Series were unveiled last week ($299 and $499 respectively). The mystery should be solved this Wednesday, September 16 at 21:00 UK time during a keynote of the Japanese manufacturer.

Officially, this conference is a showcase dedicated to the games that will be released on the new PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. But Sony can’t afford to remain silent after Microsoft’s announcements. The preferential price of its PS4 in 2013 compared to the Xbox One was one of the keys to Sony’s commercial success at the time.

Will the manufacturer offer lower prices than the next Xbox Series X and Series S? We look forward to seeing you tonight on NextPit for a recap of the conference and wish you a good viewing in advance.

What are your predictions for the prices of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition? Do you think Sony will “break” its pricing plans to undercut Microsoft? Let us know below the line.

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