Miss out on PS5 preorders? There’s one for sale on eBay for $25,000 – CNET


Preorders for the PlayStation 5 appeared to sell out shortly after they began on Wednesday.


When Sony announced the $400 entry price for its PlayStation 5 video game console Wednesday, it said preorders would start the next day. Many large retailers decided to start sales early, surprising fans who quickly surfed to websites only to learn the device had already sold out.

But not at eBay. The popular auction site was filled with listings for PlayStation 5 consoles ready to sell  on Thursday promising the seller had secured a preorder and would ship the device immediately after it arrived.

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PlayStation 5 launch details

“This is ** CONFIRMED PREORDER**,” one eBay seller wrote. “Updates will be provided all the way!” wrote another.

Many sellers appear to be asking between $750 and $1,000, about double the $400 starting price of the console without a Blu-ray drive, or double the $500 starting price for the PS5 that has it. 

PlayStation 5 ebay listing

This eBay listing may set a record for the most expensive PS5. But that’s only if the buyer pays.


One seller’s auction though had risen to $25,100, after its starting price of $800, after 11 bids by Thursday afternoon.

That may not last though, as the listings violated eBay’s listing policies on pre-sale items, which require that the item must be delivered within 30 days of purchase on eBay. “Our Trust teams are aware of this issue and we are taking the appropriate action,” an eBay spokeswoman said.

The buying and selling frenzy is one of the first public signs of how in-demand Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s $500 Xbox Series X and $300 Xbox Series S will be when they land on store shelves this November.