GoPro Hero 9 revealed: Leaked renders show full-colour front display

GoPro might be targeting vloggers with an addition to its main camera line. The upcoming Hero 9 could feature a front-facing colour screen.

Revealed in leaked renders shared by WinFuture, the new feature wouldn’t be the first time GoPro has considered adding a screen on the front of its hardware in order to help its users see what they’re doing in full colour while filming themselves. It added a similar screen to last year’s GoPro Max, a 360 camera that costs $500. In our review of the GoPro Max, we said it’s is one of the most versatile cameras the company has launched to date.

The Hero line is GoPro’s flagship series, however, and it’s cheaper, too, making this rumoured feature extra exciting for users. The leaks suggest the Hero 9’s front-facing screen will be the same size as the existing monochrome display that GoPro offers next to its camera lenses. That one shows status information, though, such as frame rate, resolution, etc. The new full-colour display, however, will show you a vivid live feed as you’re shooting.

Little else is known about the GoPro Hero 9, though there has been word about the Hero line possibly supporting 5K with this year’s upgrade.