Glassdoor: The top 8 tech CEOs during COVID-19

Tech was the most represented industry on the overall list, choosing leaders whom staff said prioritized flexibility, and encouraged a work-life balance, as well as health and safety.


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Of the 25 CEOs who made the Glassdoor highest-rated list, eight were from the tech industry, making technology the most represented of the industries on the list, according to a just-released report, Glassdoor’s 25 highest rated CEOs during COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic turned traditional on-site offices upside down, as administration and staff scrambled to shift all operations to remote and work-from-home (WFH). The spotlight became focused on how a company’s top leaders were treating staff, as the economic downturn forced businesses to not only consider, but actually execute lay-offs, furloughs, pay cuts, and reduced hours. 

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Glassdoor took a deep dive into the analysis of US employee reviews on its site combined with factors in the CEO approval rating and senior leadership workplace concerns during the COVID-19 crisis between March 1 and July 31.  

The highest-rated tech CEOs during the coronavirus pandemic, listed where they placed among tech competitors:


Top tech CEO Eric Yuan of Zoom.

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  1. Eric S. Yuan of Zoom Video Communications (89%)
  2. Aaron Levie of Box (89%)
  3. Jim Kavanaugh of World Wide Technology (88%)
  4. Steve Beauchamp of Paylocity (88%)
  5. Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4 (88%)
  6. Daniel Springer of DocuSign (87%)
  7. Krishna Sudheendra of UST Global (86%)
  8. Chad Richison of Paycom (86%)

Common trends among the highest-rated CEOs during COVID-19 include: Prioritizing work-life balance, taking care of employees’ overall well-being, offering flexible and remote working policies, establishing strong health benefits and maintaining frequent, clear communication. It’s been a challenging year, and Glassdoor said it wanted to reveal the tech big bosses who were standouts for their leadership of companies in which employees felt supported and well-cared for in the last seven months.

Glassdoor said it analyzed employee reviews to identify CEOs whose employees gave high praise to their companies’ leaders, and leveraged CEO approval ratings, senior leadership workplace factors that mentioned specifically COVID-19 and their CEO in Glassdoor reviews. Each had to have received at least 50 reviews across CEO approval and senior-management ratings, at least 1,000 employees during the reviewed time period. Glassdoor reported that they looked at the quality of the reviews, noting the CEOs’ leadership; scores were rounded to the nearest hundredth for reporting simplicity, though they extend beyond the thousandth place, determining the final rank order. 

The overall list of CEOs included a variety of companies in different industries and have taken “unique approaches to leading during this time,” the Glassdoor report said. Here’s Glassdoor’s list of all 25 top CEOs.