What color Samsung Galaxy Note 20 should you buy?

The release of a new Samsung phone is exciting for a few different reasons. Along with all of the new specs, features, and software updates, it’s also a time for Samsung to show off its latest creations for new colors! The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra continue this trend with a handful of new designs, and they look outstanding.

Star of the show

Mystic Bronze

Staff Pick

Mystic Bronze is Samsung’s flagship color for the Note 20, offering it for both models and prominently featuring it in marketing materials. It’s an incredibly striking aesthetic, giving the Note 20 a distinct look without being too gaudy or distracting. It strikes a great balance among all of the colors offered this year, and given that plus its wide availability, it’s our color of choice for the series.

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Gorgeous green

Mystic Green

If you prefer your phone colors to be more boastful, you’ll want to turn your attention towards the Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Green. This fun and playful hue is only available for the regular Note 20, meaning if you want the Ultra, you’re out of luck. Mystic Green has a cool, refreshing essence to it that we absolutely love, and it’s a wonderful alternative to the Glacial Green color for the OnePlus 8. More green phones, please!

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The basic choice

Mystic Gray

On the complete opposite end of the color spectrum, we have Mystic Gray. Where Mystic Green is an attention-grabbing color that wants to be the star of the show, Mystic Gray is subdued by design and isn’t particularly noteworthy. It’s perfectly fine if you aren’t a fan of super bright colors, and for that purpose, it’s a great choice. Just be aware that it’s only available for the Note 20.

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Hidden in plain sight

Mystic Black

For those of you that want a basic color choice but would rather get the Ultra, we have Mystic Black. There’s nothing very exciting or interesting about this color, but if you’re someone that prefers sleek and subdued phones, it gets the job done. It looks professional, doesn’t attract a lot of attention towards itself, and it’s available for the Note 20 Ultra exclusively. There’s not much else to say, and that’s just fine.

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Pure as can be

Mystic White

Bringing up the rear is Mystic White, a color that’s available exclusively for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. White phones are nothing new, but we do have to give Samsung credit for making Mystic White as pure and stark of a white as you can get. Mystic White is a bit more interesting than the basic and boring Mystic Black, yet it’s still more restrained than Mystic Bronze or Green. If you’re looking for a nice middle ground, this is it.

From $1,300 at Amazon

Category Galaxy Note 20 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Mystic Bronze ✔️ ✔️
Mystic Green ✔️
Mystic Gray ✔️
Mystic Black ✔️
Mystic White ✔️

Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Bronze

Who is it for?

Mystic Bronze is the Note 20 color that Samsung is really pushing this year, and if you’re looking to spruce up the look of your phone without going overboard, this is the one to get. Mystic Bronze manages to look ultra-sophisticated while also having a bit of fun, and of all the bronze colorways we’ve seen over the years, this is definitely one of the best.

What makes Mystic Bronze even better is the fact that you can get it for the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. So, regardless of which phone you want, you can ensure it comes in a great-looking color.

Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Green

Who is it for?

The other standout color this year is Mystic Green, which is every bit as gorgeous. Green phones aren’t something we see all that often, so we’re thrilled that Samsung is featuring the color here. It’s a sort of minty/pastel shade of green, and the end result is a truly unique color that’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, Samsung only offers Mystic Green for the Note 20 and not the flagship Note 20 Ultra. That’s a darn shame, because if you like colorful phones, Mystic Green is one of the nicest hues currently available.

Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Gray

Who is it for?

Rounding out colors for the regular Galaxy Note 20, we have Mystic Gray. This is the color you get if Mystic Bronze and Green are too much to handle for your personal taste, and it’s a nice way to round out the collection. The color itself isn’t especially interesting, but we’re glad that Samsung has it available for shoppers that are put off by the other choices.

You can only get Mystic Gray for the Note 20, and if you want the Note 20 Ultra in a more neutral color, our next pick is for you.

Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Black

Who is it for?

There’s not much to say about Mystic Black, other than the fact that it’s a black phone. There aren’t any fun colors for the buttons or S Pen — everything about the package is black. Some may call that boring, but for others, this may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Mystic Black Note 20 is stealthy, discrete, and allows you to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by anything else.

If you want Mystic Black for yourself, keep in mind that it’s only offered for the Note 20 Ultra.

Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic White

Who is it for?

Last but not least, we have Mystic White. It’s not as intense as Mystic Bronze, but it’s also not quite as bland as Mystic Black. It sits somewhere right in the middle, and for you, it could be the color to get. The sheer simplicity offered by Mystic White sure is unlike any of the other available colors, making it another great addition to the Note 20 family.

Similar to Mystic Black, however, Mystic White can only be had if you splurge for the more expensive Note 20 Ultra.

Colorful note-taker

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

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Scribble or doodle in style

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 is a mighty capable phone, giving you a Snapdragon 865+ processor, three rear cameras, a large battery, and the iconic S Pen. The phone also comes in a bunch of great colors, ranging from the sophisticated Mystic Bronze to the more colorful Mystic Green.