Our 5 Android and iOS applications of the week

From mobile games to productivity and interface customization applications, I’ll list here the five iOS and Android applications that have impressed me as well as those that the NextPit community has made me discover this week.

Brawlhalla: a Super Smash Bros. as thrilling as it is furious…

Brawlhalla is a cross-play fighting game from Ubisoft where eight players compete in an arena. The goal is to eject your opponents from the arena which is composed of a series of platforms located in the void.

The more blows you make or take, the harder it will be to get back on the platform once ejected. If you fall in the void you lose. Fighting is frantic and it’s every man for himself, like Nintendo’s famous Super Smash Bros. fighting game.

You can unlock new characters, new weapons and the free-to-play dimension of the game means you’ll have to deal with a lot of in-app purchases.

But visually, the game is very nice. The gameplay is very tense. You can play against Xbox One, PS4 or Switch players and the game supports Bluetooth controllers. It is competition oriented with classified games and several recurring and/or ephemeral events.

I’ve only played very little so far but the different game modes, the possibility to create private games, and the training mode to perfect her combos promise a very good life span thanks to the depth of the game mechanics.

You can download the game Brawlhalla for free (in-app purchases) from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The Everlasting Regret: a dreamlike and poetic experience in Imperial China

Tencent’s The Everlasting Regret is not a game per se, it’s more of an interactive and poetic “experience” based on gameplay. The title adapts the Song of Eternal Regrets, an ancient Chinese poem. This ballad tells the love story between Emperor Minghuang and his favorite concubine Yang Guifei in the eighth century.

The game is presented as a series of paintings of Chinese painting on silk scrolls, typical of the Empire period. You solve puzzles by modifying the paintings with three types of brushes (invigorate, erase, and bind).

Each interaction between the three brushes and the elements of the canvas will allow you to progress through the poem. Of course, what’s really strange about this version is that it comes from Tencent and is completely free and without any ads or in-app purchases.

I haven’t read the lengthy terms of use and privacy policy, but the requirement to log in to this offline game with a Google or WeeChat account doesn’t really reassure me that Tencent isn’t monetizing this application.

You can download The Everlasting Regret game for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Motorball: Rocket League in cute and top-down view

Do you know about Rocket League? The football game with cars from an indie studio that became a major eSport title bought by Epic Games last year? Personally, I spent hundreds of hours on it on PS4. That’s why Motorball, just released on Thursday, August 6th, caught my eye.

The principle is the same, you control a car by swiping your finger on the screen and the goal is to kick a soccer ball with your car and score goals to win. Games are 1-on-1, and you can collect various bonuses and boosts to go faster and eliminate your opponents.

Unlike Rocket League, Motorball is a top-down game. The controls are simple to use, but the handling requires some time to adapt. The game is quite funny, you can even troll your opponent at the end of the game with contextual messages, like in Rocket League.

On the other hand, there are a lot of in-app purchases to unlock more efficient vehicles and other items. In short, the game has pay-to-win mechanics.

You can download the Motorball game for free (in-app purchases) from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Armoni Launcher: if you like iOS 14 but not iPhones

O sacrilege, an application that brings the iOS 14 interface to an Android smartphone. Whatever one may think of Apple, which “copies” Android, the features announced on iOS 14 are more than promising.

You get a similar widget placement and style, similar icon style, and icon folder style similar to iOS. In addition, the launcher comes with some extra bonuses like an iOS-style battery widget, dark mode, background blur, and other iOS 14 style effects.

There are a few bugs and I don’t find the interface that nice on a personal basis. The application is paid but to the merit of not displaying ads or include in-app purchases, unlike Mi Control Center, a similar application but to emulate Xiaomi’s MIUI on your smartphone.

5 apps week 32 armoni launcher
This is what Armoni Launcher looks like on the OnePlus Nord. / © NextPit

You can buy the Armoni Launcher app for €0.59 from the Google Play Store.

Relax.me, a little peace and love in this world of bullies…

It’s an application that the NextPit community helped me discover on our forum. After a rather intense week and the heatwave that even (almost) hits us in Berlin too, we’re not going to spit on a brief moment of relaxation and peace.

Relax.me allows you to play ambient sounds, nature sounds and to customize your sound experience with different samples classified according to several themes (weather, animals, musical instruments, etc…).

Thus, I could dream of myself at the edge of the beach of an Atoll, riding a majestic horse while accompanying the singing of birds in the Jazz tones of my saxophone.

My absolute serenity was only disturbed by the few commercials I had to watch to add more sound samples.

5 apps week 32 relax me
Relax.me emphasizes calm and serenity, in exchange for watching a few ads that are not too intrusive. / © NextPit

You can download the Relax.me application for free from the Google Play Store.

What do you think of this selection? Have you already had a chance to test some of the applications on this list? What would be your apps of the week? Share your opinions in the comments!