Motorola Razr 2020: new folding smartphone to be unveiled on September 9

Motorola has announced a virtual event on September 9th to reinvent the smartphone experience once again – a not-so-subtle hint about its next foldable smartphone and follow-up to the Motorola Razr 2019.

Motorola didn’t say much more about this event or the product that will be presented there. We can, without taking too many risks, imagine a foldable smartphone Razr 2 or an upgraded and 5G version of the first Razr, like we saw with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G. resize
See you on September 9th to learn more about Motorola’s foldable future. / © Motorola

The new RAZR is rumored to have a more futuristic design. The bezels of its folding screen are said to have been reduced. Once folded, the smartphone would still carry an external screen to view notifications (2.7 inches).

The 5G-compatible Snapdragon 765G processor would replace the Snapdragon 710 of the first model and the battery would also gain in charging capacity, increasing to 2,845 mAh from 2,510 mAh. All this remains speculation and needs to be confirmed by official information.

In any case, Motorola’s potential comeback on the folding market can only be welcomed, as the first Razr made the technosphere dream but suffered terribly from the comparison with the Galaxy Z Flip, which was more successful.