LiteChaser is a complete camera filter system for the iPhone 11

It’s a bit of a given that phone cameras have been getting better and better in recent years, to the point where you can potentially now take professional-quality photos and videos with your smartphone.

That’s well and true, but you might, like us, find that your snaps still come out looking distinctly average a lot of the time. Often, that’s because, while the camera might be powerful, the lighting conditions might not be quite right, or your hand might be shaking a tiny bit, or any number of other reasons. Enter the likes of PolarPro, which makes amazing attachments for your smartphone to level up your mobile photography. 

It’s got a new range of accessories dropping for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max – LiteChaser Pro, which will take your photos and video up a notch, and we wanted to run you through just what benefits you could reap from picking them up. If you think a complete filter system for iPhone 11 could improve your photography, read on. 

Get a grip

The core part of PolarPro’s LiteChaser system is a case for your phone, which unlocks its potential by allowing you to clip on various other accessories. In itself, though, it’s a great bit of protection that looks nice and sleek, and won’t draw attention to itself when you’re not in the middle of shooting. 

The case lets you clip on LiteChaser filters over the phone’s camera unit (more on those later). It also lets you clip on an adjustable grip unit for better handling.

The grip is perfect for making sure that you’re in control of your shot at all times, but it’s even got its own secrets. You can use it to mount your phone on most tripods – a package that’ll see you converting your iPhone into your ‘A’ camera in no time. 

Mount it

That mounting option means that you can really use your phone in a myriad of ways – you might want it on a tripod, or you might want it handheld, but the grip is great regardless. A low-profile rail means that you can position it wherever you need on the back of the phone, plus you can easily rotate it into a portrait position if you’re shooting in vertical.

Plus, there’s even a mount on top of the grip, too, which is perfect for connecting microphones or lights which will even further elevate your shooting toward the sort of performance previously reserved for DSLR cameras. 

ND filters and polarizer

Of course, in many ways the heart of PolarPro’s system is its filters, and there are three superb options available for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. PolarPro wanted to take what they were known for, their prestigious line of filters, and adapt it to a mobile system. Precision light control is essential when creating high-end content, which is why PolarPro custom-engineered a line of filters to be compatible with LiteChaser Pro. 

ND8 (3-Stop) & ND64 (8-Stop)

These neutral density filters will make sure that you’re getting the right amount of light through to your lenses, and give your footage a more professional feel, ready for cinematic-style edits. 

Variable ND (3-5 Stop)

This little filter is an easy way into top-level shooting, letting you switch up how much light you’re letting in on the fly so that you can shoot at lower framerates. That’ll leave your content looking like you shot it with way more equipment. 

Circular Polarizer

As a simple one-stop way to reduce issues in your footage, whether they’re glare-related, haze or reflections, this polarizer will see you capturing deeper colours, and is a great way to really easily improve your output. 


That range of filters, combined with the grip and case, means that you have access to a system that can adapt to any and all needs. Whether you’re shooting handheld footage in low light, or setting up a timelapse shot with a tripod, you can do it all without needing to rig up special systems for yourself. 

Plus, with an additional lens caps and the protection of the case, you don’t have to worry about everything being massively delicate – it’s a set of equipment built to be actually used, not wrapped up in bubble wrap. 


Finally, though, we always love it when smaller businesses make sure to think about their impact on the planet, and PolarPro is doing just that. Whether it’s refining its package to minimize single-use plastics, or ensuring that its products have long lifespans and can be better recycled, the business is taking steps that we value. 

It’s got a carbon-offsetting system set up to make itself carbon neutral, too, which means that you can invest in the LiteChaser Pro system without any guilty conscience.