Limited time offer: Free apps of the week

Wow! This week is filled with free apps for the masses. Those who are rocking to the Android mobile operating system will no doubt obtain their money’s worth – what more when these paid apps are made available for free for a limited time only. Ranging from games to productivity apps, now would be a good time to take advantage of all the following:

Free Android Apps


Age of Civilizations Africa (€1.49): The screenshots in the Play Store remind me of Plague Inc., but in fact, this game is a turn-based strategy title with one goal in mind: to conquer the whole world. Anyone with a megalomaniac tendency would do well to look into picking this up. Thankfully, there are no viral or bacteria outbreak to deal with in this game, as we already have enough of that in IRL. Sigh.

Colorzzle (0.89): As the name suggests, this free app for Android is a colorful puzzle game. There are more than 100 levels to indulge in, where you sit back and create beautiful plants with matching colors to boot. Some might even find this to be therapeutic in some sense.

Sudoku Ultimate PRO (2.09): Not a week goes by without a free Sudoku offering of sorts! This time, the Sudoku Ultimate PRO app is available for free instead of its regular price, where you will be able to enjoy this puzzler in a modern game interface with many different levels of difficulty to keep you entertained.

Alice Trapped in Wonderland (1.09): This is a cute adventure game that offers a slew of features and characters that would be familiar with from the crazy world of Alice in Wonderland. It is essentially a puzzle title, where solving one will allow you to progress to the other.

Crisis of the Middle Ages (€2.09): A role-playing game (RPG) that is reminiscent of Legend of Zelda and Minecraft, although do not expect it to reach the heights of either. In this game, you will control cute little figurines that meet less-than-cute monsters in the midst of natural surroundings as you battle your way to survival.

Tic Tac Toe Jumbo Pro (0.89): This is a great little time killer: The premise of Tic Tac Toe in colourful graphics, where you can choose to go up against another person or to tackle the AI.

Productivity apps for Android

NT Calculator – Extensive Calculator Pro (€2.69): An advanced calculator for the smartphone that allows you to perform all sorts of everyday calculations, and then some.

English Tests (€0.99): With this app, you can brush up on your English if it is not your first language. The app plays a huge role in building up your grammar skills with more than 700 questions in its repository.

Speed View GPS Pro (€0.89): With this app, Android users will be able to keep track of their speed, distance, time and location every single time they drive.

PowerAudio Pro Music Player (€3.69): A music player complete with an equaliser, playlists, and numerous other options that can be set according to your liking.

Advanced Sport Training Calendar (€3.09): With this app, you can set your fitness goals and keep track of them to make sure you do not fall off the wagon. With this, you are able to view statistics and create numerous training programs that suit your lifestyle.

Free apps for iOS

Productivity apps (There are no free games available currently)

Navigate to Photo (€0.99): The description of this app sounds fantastic. In fact, I have never heard anything like it before. Navigate to Photo opens up opportunities for you to travel virtually to the place where a picture was taken in your favorite iOS navigation system, such as Apple Maps or Google Maps. Using it is simple: all you have to do is to pick an image from your library and share it with the app. The exact location in the real world will then be visualized. Of course, seeing it in real life is totally different from a virtual viewpoint.

LifeOn (€0.99): An alternative calendar app that looks really chic. In addition, it comes with widget support for the iOS 14 update.

Flashlight Timer – Timed Torch (€0.99): Another app where I ask myself “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Flashlight Timer – Timed Torch is so simple, it does what it says: Set a timer as to when you would like the activated flashlight on the iPhone to be turned off. With this, you never need to go to bed in the dark ever again!

Algebra Touch (€4.49): With this app, you can brush up on your mathematical skills while you’re on-the-move.

Knots 3D (€5.49): I have already suggested a similar app. You can learn to tie all kinds of knots that would come in handy whenever you are camping or head out to sea. It comes with perfectly illustrated instructions!

Speed camera detector (€1.09): With this app, you will be able to know the locations of the different speed cameras in your area. Please do not use it while you are driving. 

These are my finds of the week for you. Do you have any tips or even free apps that you would like to recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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