Last chance to save 34% when you protect your pup from getting lost with a Fi tracking collar – CNET


Barking Labs

Some dogs are dedicated escape artists; it doesn’t matter how high the fence or how much chicken wire you bury along the property line, some pups will find a way to take themselves for a walk (trust me — I know from experience). Fi is a high-tech collar that’s part doggie Fitbit, part tracking collar that pledges to help you recover your lost dog quickly. Usually $149, right now you can get a Fi Collar for just $99 when you use discount code RESCUE50 at checkout.

Not only are you saving about 34%, but Barking Labs has committed to donating one Fi collar to an animal rescue for each collar sold using this promo code.

The Fi Collar isn’t the only tracking collar out there — Whistle, for example, has been around for a long time. But the Fi Collar is making a play to be the most technologically advanced. The collar is equipped with GPS to track your dog, obviously, but also features an LTE-M radio that works on the AT&T network. At home, the collar relies on Wi-Fi to stay in touch, but if the pooch leaves home, the LTE radio starts relaying your dog’s location. You’ll need a wireless plan to get the most out of Fi, obviously, and that’ll run you $99 per year (or less if you sign up for a multiyear plan).

The Fi also promises excellent battery life. At home, the collar only needs to be charged once every two or three months. In Lost Dog Mode, with almost constant pings on the cellular network, Fi claims about two days of battery life, which is several times longer than Whistle’s 9 hours. The collar is also waterproof to an IP68 rating because your dog is, you know, a dog.

This deal is available until midnight tonight, Sunday, Aug. 16, so if you want to get a tracking collar (and ensure a second one goes to a worthy and needy doggie in the process) you have until then to take advantage. 

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