iPhone event 2020: Leaker gives dates for smartphone, iPad and Apple Watch

After the announcement that the iPhone 12 will come a little later this year, we asked ourselves how this would affect the iPhone event. The usual September event could slide into October, for example.

In addition, Apple’s announcement only mentioned the iPhone – details about Apple Watch and the expected iPads were not mentioned. Hence, there are several questions to which Leaker Jon Prosser now wants to offer some answers for.

As Prosser announced in a series of tweets, the event to introduce the new iPhones will take place in the week beginning October 12th. Pre-orders of the regular iPhone 12 are then expected to start during the same week. Delivery is scheduled to start one week later.

Whoever wants to order an iPhone 12 Pro however will have to wait a little longer this year, according to Prosser. The more expensive models will not be available until November. A more precise date is not yet known.

In addition to the new smartphone, there will also be new models of Apple Watch and iPad this year. According to Prosser, these are to be presented as early as in the week of September 7th, 2020. However, there will be no event, the smartwatch and tablet will only be announced through a press release. He leaves open, however, when the delivery will start.

Prosser also does not give any insight into when the new operating systems, especially iOS, iPadOS and watchOS, will be released. These are closely linked with each other. This means that an Apple Watch Series 6 with watchOS 7 requires iOS 14. So it is possible that at least these three operating systems will also be available in September – long before the new iPhones.

Mark Gurman, Apple informant and journalist at Bloomberg, reacted to Prosser’s tweets with just a thumbs down. He does not believe in the dates shared by the leaker. At the same time, Prosser made it clear that these are the currently planned dates, but that they could still change.