iPhone: Apple extends its own smartphone protection

When purchasing many Apple products, owners have the option to purchase additional protection, AppleCare or AppleCare+, for their new device within 60 days. Apple has now extended this period – but only in some countries.

Apple has been offering AppleCare+ for several years to extend the warranty to two years for iPhone, iPad, and Mac and other devices. It also includes protection that will be effective if you have an accident with your smartphone or tablet. Then only a service fee will be collected, which can be considerably lower than a repair without the additional protection.

On the iPhone and iPad, Apple is now even going so far as to point out the missing AppleCare in the device’s settings. A countdown is displayed, which indicates the approaching end of the 60 days.

As Bloomberg now reports, Apple has informed its support staff and store personnel in the US and Canada that this period has now been extended to up to one year.

However, this offer will only be made to those who pay for AppleCare+ for one year in one go. According to Bloomberg, those who pay a monthly amount cannot benefit from it.

The new offer is designed to help Apple boost AppleCare sales, the report said. These are said to have slumped recently due to the Corona crisis. It is hoped that the extended time, until a decision has to be made to purchase the additional protection, will allow Apple to reach new customers.

Whether and when the offer will be available in additional countries is not known. Apple had already experimented with such extensions several times in the past, but each time decided to return to the 60 days.

If you decide to purchase AppleCare+, a retail employee must first check for existing issues with the device. Bloomberg does not explicitly state whether the new offer applies to the iPhone only or to all devices for which AppleCare+ is available.