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Even though we like writing about smartphones that cost more than a moderately priced home loan, it’s the value-for-money devices that really make it worthwhile. Which is why Huawei’s new Y5p is the perfect sub-R2k smartphone you can buy right now.

It’s taken technology a minute to get to this point, but you can now buy a fully functional smartphone with a front-facing cam, a sweet camera housed around back and a hefty battery for much less than you’d expect. The Huawei Y5p features a 5.45in LCD display with no notch (no-notch gang unite!), comes with 2GB of RAM and a standard storage capacity of 32GB. Which isn’t much in the greater scheme, but pair it with a Micro-SD and you can increase that space quite a bit.

Even cooler, the Y5p has three slots, so you can house two micro-SIMs in this badboy along with a MicroSD card. On to the camera, on the back you get a standard 8MP sensor, which doesn’t sound impressive, but you don’t need much more for normal day-to-day shots. Up front you’ve got a 5MP sensor for selfies.

Powering it all, you get the MediaTek’s octa-core processor that supports up to eight Cortex-A53 cores. Couple this with a 3020mAh battery, and you’ve got yourself a proper device that’ll run basic apps and keep you connected for a whole day, all for just R1,800 from the Huawei online store and selected retailers.

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