How to Remove Phone Number from Instagram

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Anyone can find you on Instagram, provided they have your contact saved on their device. This could be a problem if someone you shared your number with lands on your profile with the intention of stalking. Now, if you want to maintain your account privacy, you can remove or disconnect your phone number from Instagram.

Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram

Notably, one can easily find Instagram accounts associated with phone numbers saved on their device using the Find Friends feature. As a result, anyone having your number can see your profile, even if you don’t want to.

Therefore, you can either make your profile private or remove your number from Instagram. Here’s how you can do the latter on your phone.

Steps to Remove Mobile Number from Instagram Profile

1] Launch the Instagram app on your phone. Tap the profile icon at the bottom right corner.

2] On the profile page, click on Edit Profile.

3] Scroll down and tap on Personal Information.

Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram
Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram
Remove Your Phone Number from Instagram

4] Before you can remove the phone number, make sure that you have a valid e-mail address attached to your account. If not, enter your e-mail ID and verify it using the verification code.

Also, you’ll have to disable two-step phone verification. It can be done in Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication.

6] You can then tap and delete your mobile number from the text box to remove it from your profile.

Similarly, you can visit on your computer, tap your profile picture at the top right, and select Settings. On the next page, remove your phone number and hit Submit.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how you can unlink or remove your phone number from your Instagram profile.

Apart from removing the number, you can also disconnect your Facebook account from your profile; post which, you’ll no longer show up in the Follow Facebook Friends option on Instagram in anyone’s phone who may have added you on Facebook.

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