High-end smartphone lens module prices to drop in 3Q20 – Digitimes

High-end smartphone lens module prices to drop in 3Q20

Rebecca Kuo, Tainan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES

Amid decreasing demand for smartphones, especially high-end models, prices for high-end smartphone-use lens modules are expected to slip in third-quarter 2020, with price-cut competition among suppliers heating up, according to industry sources.

Demand has been weakened by the coronavirus pandemic and the US trade sanctions against Chinese smartphone vendor Huawei, who is a globally top-three vendor of high-end smartphones. Huawei’s global shipments for flagship smartphones are expected to drop this year, the sources said.

Quotes for 6P (six plastic lens pieces) 48-megapixel autofocus lens modules for high-end smartphone are estimated to drop from about US$10.5 in second-quarter 2020 to US$9.5 in the third quarter, the sources cited Sigmaintell Consulting as indicating.

Quotes for 3P 2-megapixel autofocus lens modules for entry-level smartphones stood at US$1.2 in the second quarter and will remain unchanged in the third quarter, the sources indicated.

While global smartphone sales in first-half 2020 are estimated to have dropped 10-15% on year, Sigmaintell estimates that multi-lens module penetration in smartphones in first-half 2020 rose 8pp on year, and first-half 2020 global smartphone-use lens module shipments increased 17% on year.