Google says goodbye to Pixel 4 and leaks dates of upcoming smartphones

Shortly after the introduction of the Pixel 4a, Google says goodbye to its big brother, the Pixel 4. As 9to5Google found out when looking through the Google Store in the US the smartphone is no longer in stock. When asked, the company confirmed the end of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL after less than 10 months.

The warehouses had been emptied and thus the end of sales had been reached. However, interested customers may still be able to find the two models at other suppliers. The models are also for now still available in the German Google Store. Pixel 4 owners do not have to expect an abrupt end of support, software and security updates will be available at least until October 2022.

This comes as a bit of a surprise since the presentation of the successor, Pixel 5, has not yet taken place. Also, the Pixel 4a will only be available in a few days. Disappointing sales figures are assumed to be the reason for the early end.

Google Pixel 5 5G
The Pixel 5 will be equipped with 5G. / © Google

Almost simultaneously to the farewell of Pixel 4, Google France apparently revealed the date for Pixel 5 and 4a (5G) for a short time. The document has since been revised and the corresponding dates were removed.

According to the official blog, the Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 should be available for pre-order from October 8, 2020. This coincides with earlier reports in which October was mentioned. In addition, the previous Pixel events also took place in October.

Google had already teased the two upcoming smartphones during the presentation of the Pixel 4a and revealed that they will not only have 5G, but will also be introduced “this fall”. The prices of the smartphones are supposed to start at 499 US dollars, but for Pixel 5 you will probably have to pay considerably more. It is further assumed that both models will come equipped with Android 11.