Free apps for Android and iOS this week

It is yet another week that has passed by, and that means a brand new round of app store research that has brought to light some free apps that you would normally have to pay for. This week’s yield is rather small, but there are some gems among the lot. Here are the free apps for Android and iOS of the week.

Free apps for Android


Bouncy Zoo Escape (€0.59): A few cuddly animals make an attempt to escape from their zoo. Think of this game as a prankster who is living within the reality of an animated film from the year 2005. In this game, you accompany the zoo animals across all 20 levels of trying to escape, and there are certainly more than a few obstacles to overcome.

Classic Sudoku PRO (€2.09): What else can I say about this? There is not one week that goes by without some (free) Sudoku fun!

Terra Fighter 2 Pro (€0.89): It looks just like Tekken 3 from the first PlayStation at first glance. Those were the days! This fighting game offers at least as many different characters to fight your way to be the top prizefighter of all. Best to have a gamepad to go along with it.

Vive le Roi 2 (€4.49): Okay, this is a platform puzzle game that takes place during the French Revolution. It certainly looks very interesting from the get-go, not to mention a rather gloomy disposition! As you are transported back to 1793, right smack in the heart of the French Revolution, you happen to be the last hope for the people of France to prevent King Louis XVI’s decapitation. Good luck!

Productivity apps for Android

Home Workouts Gym Pro (€1.79): During this period of lockdown for many, it can be pretty tough to get thrown off your gym routine. For those living in temperate countries where the weather is not inclined for workout sessions, perhaps this app might come in handy as it uses your own body weight as resistance in order to keep you fit and healthy no matter what the temperature is outside.

Lecture Notes (€1.99): If I was still a student, I would definitely have a look at this app. This is because you can not only take down notes, but also make audio recordings of the lectures. Perfect for taking a nap and still not miss out on anything.

Free Apps for iOS


Fidget Lights (€0.99): I had to download it because I didn’t understand what it was about. Following that, I sat hypnotized in front of my iPhone for two hours after continuous tapping on it. This is an app that needs to be downloaded and seen for yourself, as it is very difficult to describe what it does. For sure it is hypnotic in nature, although for some folks, this is an app that can drive you crazy pretty fast. More of a gimmick than a game.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope (€10.99): An adventure game with elaborate graphics and futuristic design. The game’s premise places you in a situation where it has been 20 years after the human race faced extinction. Not a very comforting idea, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Productivity apps

Algebra Touch (€4.49): I am as disappointed as you that I can only present a solitary math app in this category for this week, which was already available for free last week.

This is a clear selection of free apps for this week. Have spotted any other tips or free apps? Share your knowledge with the community in the comments, if you have any.

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