Foldable iPhone: Apple fans must have patience

Foldable smartphones can now be seen in the Android world by various manufacturers in different form factors. The best known model is probably Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which was just updated with a new model – and a modified name – only a few days ago.

At Apple, on the other hand, there are only rumors and concept studies that show how designers imagine a foldable iPhone. As usual, the iPhone manufacturer does not give any details of its own about what future hardware it is working on – especially when it comes to a completely new class of devices.

But of course this does not stop the rumor mill from speculating about the currently unknown hardware. So the Twitter-leaker Komiya has published some details about the alleged foldable from Apple in the last hours:

The leaker suspects that Apple will present the foldable mixture of iPad and iPhone as “One more thing” in 2023. The device will support regular phone calls – as you would expect from an iPhone. As far as the operating system is concerned, the leaker is apparently not sure. So the question arises whether the foldable will run with iOS or iPadOS.

As with the Galaxy Fold mentioned above, Apple will probably use a seamless display using Micro-LED technology, which would be flexible. The selfie camera is supposed to be mounted under the display, which can prevent a notch. The recognition of the user is said to be done by Touch ID – with its sensor also being hidden under the display.

Whether, when and in what form Apple will really introduce a foldable iPhone or iPad will probably remain a well-kept company secret for the foreseeable future. Apple is known for not being the first manufacturer to use or introduce a new technology or class of devices. Instead, they traditionally allow more time to test for problems – as could be seen with the Galaxy Fold – internally and not in public.