Enter another world with these amazingly dreamlike photo edits

Photoshop is a marvellous tool, and while it may have become synonymous for a time with airbrushing and touch-ups, the reality is that it’s a program that lets people achieve wonderful things visually. 

Take Justin Peters, whose Instagram profile is here, for example, a visual artist who’s been working for some time on beautifully altered images that evoke a sense of wonder and otherworldliness. We’ve gathered a superb selection of his images right here – check them out!



This first image is a good sample of Peters’ style, which is to blend two different worlds and create an entirely new paradigm. Here you’ve got the ethereal float of a jellyfish transformed into a new sort of mermaid entirely.

Life’s a beach

Beaches are lovely, we think most people will agree – and rock formations are pretty nice, too. That said, they don’t tend to naturally occur like this, embedded in trees. It’s a delightful image, though, and creates a beach we’d love to visit ourselves. 

Quite a view

Talking about lovely, imaginary beaches, though, this one’s a stormer. Imagine having a local seaside spot where you could not just swim and play in the waves but also lay back and survey the globe like this. Phwoar.


We love how seamlessly the jellyfish in this image blends into the carousel top – it makes an amalgam that reminds us of boss-battles from Japanese videogames, but the blurring effects make it seem incredibly real. 

Cold times

We might be coming into summer now, but we can all remember the colder months all too easily. This image forms almost a story in our minds, as this man walking through a city remembers the wilderness he’s been in recently. 


If the last image told a story, this one looks like it’s about telling stories, with the blank page taking one’s imagination on a journey, in this case to the white peaks and slopes of a ski resort. 

Animal planet

This isn’t the last time you’ll see butterfly wings in this gallery – there’s something perfect about them when edited onto other animals, as in the case of this proud penguin, whose little wings are a lot more beautiful than normal. 


We’re all used to the idea that every so often the moon will do something absolutely nuts, whether it’s an eclipse, a red moon or a supermoon, but sadly most of us are unlikely to ever see one quite so enormous as this stunner, let alone catch a stag perfectly posed in front of it. 


We love the ripples spreading out from around this swan in the sky, a sort of dream-pond that makes it feel like the manifestation of an ancient god or something, while the hot air balloon adds a human touch. 

Diving utopia

We’re sure that any experienced divers would be absolutely thrilled to discover a reef or ecosystem as interesting as this one so close to the surface, and indeed so close to land – it sure would be convenient!

Melting away

Old buildings can sometimes feel like, unless they’re taken care of with great attention, they could melt away like a candle, so to speak, after having burned so brightly in their heyday. 

Quite the jogging route

If you thought one hot air balloon looked scenic, check out this composition with loads of the things. It makes us absolutely yearn for the days when we can pick our own running routes with total freedom again, even if they’re unlikely to match this beachside spot. 

Perfect timing?

This is the sort of shot that might once have passed for real, before people got wise. It’s one thing to nail the conditions and lighting for this moody bridge shot, but quite another to also get a passing bird in focus and looking right at the camera. 

Space aquarium

Jellyfish return, for possibly the most magic-realist image in this collection, with the man’s head-torch illuminating an impossible scene of skybound water creatures frolicking beneath the stars. 

When I see an elephant butterfly

If you think we’re not proud of that Dumbo pun, you’re dead wrong, but either way we love this image of an elephant in their home turf, but with one key, and very eye-catching detail changed. 

Giraffe graffiti

We love this image of another African mammal changed in an immediately obvious way, not least because it reminds us of how we used to colour in these gentle giants when we were kids – with every crayon colour we could lay our grubby mitts on. 

The giant peach

This image has an obvious inspiration from a certain Roald Dahl story, if you’re asking us, and it shares that author’s love of whimsy and far-fetched situations. Frankly, it even looks quite attractive. 

Too good to be true

Another day, another giraffe, although this one’s much closer to looking normal. In fact, it’s the animal’s surroundings that have had a touch-up of the more subtle variety, lending the picture a colour palette that would sadly be unlikely in real life. 

Leaves like a cloud

Another lovely scene is offered up by this shot of a dry landscape at sunset, and you might not even notice what’s odd about it at first glance, until you pay more attention to that tree’s cloudy foliage. 


This dust twister and desery combo is more than a little off-putting, though it doesn’t seem to be stopping the 4×4 approaching it – more than enough evidence to make us suspect that the twister has been added in entirely, as has the storm in the background. 

Wet wings

Our penultimate photo brings the last outing for butterfly wings, this time replacing the tailfin of this huge whale, and we are serious fans of the contrast between the royal blue of the ocean and the bright orange of those wings. 

Diving in

Last but not least, we’re so on board with the vibe of this final image. Its subject, that little turtle, seems to be diving, flying through the air towards that lovely blue sea – truly joyful.