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To mark the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, the company has announced its “most powerful offering to date” with the Mi 10 Ultra. Putting aside headlining specs such 120W fast-charging and a Snapdragon 865, the question that many have is, of course: how good are the cameras?

Thanks to the folks over at DxOMark, we have an answer of sorts. Through a comprehensive set of tests, the camera specialists have posted an overall DxOMark camera score of 130 for the Mi 10 Ultra—which means that we have a new number one in the rankings.

Xiaomi’s latest and greatest smartphone comes with a quad-camera setup, including a 48MP main camera (no 108MP camera like the Mi 10 Pro, unfortunately), a 20MP ultra-wide angle shooter, a 12MP portrait lens, and a 48MP periscope telephoto camera that promises 10x optical zoom.

And it’s photography where the Mi 10 Ultra really shines, with a record score of 142. DxOMark says that the camera “gets all the basics right”, and good detail is captured in both dark and bright areas in a scene with a wide dynamic range offered. For low-light images, there is a fairly good balance between noise and texture, while bokeh shots look reasonably natural.

The 120mm-equivalent telphoto lens also provides further zooming capabilities than most rivals in the market (the Galaxy S20 Ultra offers 100x). DxOMark’s review says that image quality remains good when zooming, although there was still texture loss and increased noise detected—but at acceptable levels.

Video capabilities are equally impressive, with DxOMark describing the video score of 106 as “outstanding”. What’s interesting is that DxOMark says that Xiaomi’s latest flagship device is the only smartphone tested thus far that produces the best results at 4K and 60fps.

“Usually using 60fps or even faster frame rates means having to make compromises in other areas, but the Xiaomi is capable of delivering good exposure, nice color, and good detail, even when recording in low light, thanks to its adaptive frame rate control which slows things down to 33fps in dim and/or difficult conditions.”

Overall, DxOMark says that the Mi 10 Ultra records “the best smartphone videos we have seen to date”—high praise indeed. And when you combine video performance and “class-leading” photo results, an overall ranking-topping score of 130 appears to be well-deserved.

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Something to also note is the impressive versatility offered by the range of cameras, with DxOMark saying wide angle and zoom shots look particularly impressive. And when you think about it, a versatile set of cameras is only useful if quality is maintained—which is where the Mi 10 Ultra excels.

To read the full report from DxOMark, click here.