Canon EOS R6 mirrorless camera is designed for action and low-light shooting

Not content with launching just one major camera in one day, Canon has also added the EOS R6 to its line-up – which joins the even-higher-spec EOS R5.

While the latter camera sells itself on ultra-high resolution and 8K video, the EOS R6 is a camera with different attentions. Yes, it’s still part of the RF lens system. Yes, it’s still got a full-frame sensor – but it’s a 20-megapixel one, designed with action shooting in mind.

The R6’s sensor is also capable of shooting in conditions as low as -6.5EV, which means it can autofocus is conditions like moonlight or even candle light. It is, on the basis of that, a consumer camera with no rival when it comes to low-light shooting, which is quite the accolade.

The R6 is certainly no slouch, then, thanks to the latest Dual Pixel CMOS AF II autofocus system – which is capable of automatically detecting faces, eyes, and even animals in order to track them in real time.

Canon described the R6 to Pocket-lint as the mirrorless embodiment of the EOS 6D II (because of its full-frame sensor) and the EOS 7D II (for its fast shooting capabilities). The shutter can actuate at 12 frames per second (20fps in electronic shutter mode), making light work of fast-moving subjects.

Although the R6 doesn’t have the resolution to match the R5 when it comes to video capabilities (i.e. there’s no 8K here), it can shoot 4K at 60fps (oversampling from a 5.1K frame).

Elsewhere there’s a vari-angle touchscreen LCD, paired with a built-in 3.69m-dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) – ensuring versatile use whether you’re shooting from the eye or the waist.

As the body is polycarbonate – not magnesium alloy as is typical – it’s also ultra-light, plus it’s weather-sealed too.

The Canon EOS R6 will be available from 27 August, priced £2,499.99 for the body, or £2,849.99 with the 24-105mm STM kit lens included in the box. That might be just enough to lure you away from a traditional DSLR.