Canon EOS R5 is a powerful full frame 8K camera with IBIS

Canon has taken the wraps off its latest full frame mirrorless creation: the EOS R5. And as features and performance go, it looks like it might just be the ultimate camera for portable video capturing. 

The aim in its design was to produce a camera future-proofed against the needs of video makers for the next few years by offering a full frame system that shoots up to 8K resolution. And one that ups the ante over the EOS R. 

It gives you the flexibility to either shoot in wide at 8K, and crop for 4K, ensuring you lose little detail while still giving you that flexibility to adjust, crop and trim frames in the edit. 

For those who prefer the freedom of shooting handheld versus using a tripod or gimbal, the camera’s also been equipped with IBIS (in body image stabilisation) which combines with the stabilisation in Canon lenses to ensure your footage stays smooth and shake-free. 

This is actually quite a big deal for Canon, a company which hasn’t released a camera with in body stabilisation until now. And possibly one of the biggest reasons a videographer would choose one of its Sony or Panasonic rivals instead. 

It has a mechanical shutter capable of shooting up to 12fps bursts in stills mode, and an electronic shutter capable of up to 20fps bursts too. 

Very little else in terms of specifications has been announced except that it has dual SD card slots and an RF lens mount. Of course, there’s also an RF-EF mount adapter for EF lens compatibility too. 

The manufacturer hasn’t said when it will go on sale or how much it will cost, but with the current Canon EOS R costing near enough £2,000, we suspect this body will be even pricier.