Android 11: Google makes smartphone use in the car more convenient

For some time now, Android Auto has also offered a wireless connection with some car stereos. However, only a few smartphone manufacturers have supported this so far. With Android 11, this is likely to change.

As 9to5Google discovered in Google’s support documents, the Android manufacturer will make an important addition to Android Auto with the upcoming version. In the future, all smartphones equipped with Android 11 will be able to make a wireless connection with a corresponding car or car stereo.

Google had already introduced wireless Android Auto more than two years ago, in order to be able to use the interface adapted for the car on a large display without an annoying cable. Until now, however, only Google’s own Pixel smartphones and Samsung’s Galaxy series have been able to use this wireless connection.

In the recently updated support documents, Google has now included corresponding notes that represent an important extension of the feature. As you can see in the screenshot below, it now says that “any smartphone with Android 11.0 and 5GHz Wi-Fi” is supported.

Wireless Android Auto Android 11 english
Starting with Android 11, any smartphone should be compatible with the wireless Android car. / © Google

This means that not only Galaxy or Pixel users will enjoy the wireless Android Auto, but also Android 11 devices from LG, Motorola, Nokia, etc. will be supported. 9to5Google assumes that this should even affect Android One – but not Android Go – when these devices get their update to Android 11.

However, for users in Europe, Google points out that the smartphones must comply with regulatory requirements for the use of 5 GHz Wi-Fi in cars. Unfortunately, the support document does not indicate what possible restrictions this may impose on specific smartphone models.

For the use of the wireless Android car, as with Apple’s wireless CarPlay, an appropriately equipped radio is still required. Only comparatively few car stereos or cars support this wireless connection. This situation is only slowly improving. BMW, for example, only published an update for current models from model year 2020 onwards at the end of July.